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TikTok Tips for Small Businesses

TikTok Tips for Small Businesses

Today on the Boutique Chat Podcast Brittany Tayvinsky, Owner of 80 Sq Ft Boutique, joins us for TikTok Tips for Small Businesses. Brittany is known as the traveling boutique owner who had her content go viral on TikTok. In this episode she will cover what type of content is best for small business owners, the hashtags you should be using, tracking your conversions, and so much more! Brittany shares all the secrets to growing your business’s following on Tiktok!

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Key Points:

  1. Even if you arent ready to use TikTok yet, save your handle.
  2. Keep it authentic and fun. Less direct sale content, more how-tos and try on videos. 
  3. The more niche the hashtag, the better. 

Favorite Quotes

“If you still aren’t sure about TikTok, still go ahead and save your handle.” -Brittany

“I like posting behind the scenes or how-tos, not the direct sale type of post you would use on Instagram stories. Go on there looking to become BFFs with your future client, what would she love?” -Brittany

One great thing about the Tiktick algorithm is you have an equal chance of being viral compared to the people that may have 2 million followers. You may have just started on TikTok but you still have equal weight in the algorithm.” -Brittany

Where to find Brittany:

Website: &

Instagram: @80sqftboutique 



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Original Air Date: December 8th, 2020
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