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The Most Successful Boutique In The United States

Introducing, The Boutique Awards. Honoring The Most Successful Boutique In The United States.

We’ve been keeping a big secret this summer! Although we might have let a little bit of our secret slip during The Boutique Summit, we’re finally ready to officially let the cat out of the bag for all the world to hear, and get this (awards) show on the road!

Introducing, The Boutique Awards!! Cue your favorite dance music, party kazoos, and confetti falling from the ceiling! Are you as excited as we are?!?

The Boutique Awards celebrates boutiques and specialty stores, whether online, mobile, or brick and mortar, who are the lifeblood of cities of all sizes around the world.  It’s an opportunity for shoppers to compete for the stores they love, the recognize them, celebrate them and support their state or country’s pride in fashion!

At the Hub, we are on a mission daily to connect boutique-loving ladies to the best boutiques in the world –and The Boutique Awards are a simple way for us to celebrate boutique fashion on a whole new level around the world!

The Boutique Awards will give consumers the opportunity to choose their favorite boutiques from all 50 states, Canada, Australia, and the UK, as we recognize those boutiques as the best of the best, for the rest of 2017!

Voting includes  6 major categories within all 50 US States, Canada, Australia and the UK:

  1. Overall State/Region Boutique of the Year
  2. Storefront Boutique of the Year
  3. Online Boutique of the Year
  4. Mobile Boutique of the Year
  5. Children’s Boutique of the Year
  6. Accessories/Decor Boutique of the Year

PLUS: Global Boutique of the Year (1st, and 2nd runner up)

There will be more than 300 winners to be celebrated!

Boutiques will be limited to choose one regional (their state, or country if located outside of the US) category (storefront, online, children’s, etc.)  to make the finals or win in, so one boutique may not sweep multiple categories or regions.

Full rules and details can be found below, and on our website, where boutiques can also find a media kit of graphics for you to share with fans.

Nominations end July 31st, and the top 5 vote getting boutiques in each category will be invited back to the final round, opening on August 7th.  Voting closes August 21st, and the winners will be announced sometime after we’re able to tabulate all of the votes with our CPA.

The Boutique Awards | The Boutique HubRules:

  • Email addresses may only be used to vote one time per category in each state and locked out of further voting in that region.
  • By voting in the Boutique Awards, you agree to receive email communication from The Boutique Hub highlighting relevant boutique stories, deals, and boutique fashion tips. Or as a boutique owner with relevant business tips and stories.
  • Nominated boutiques may only win in one category within its designated region (their state, or country if located outside of the US), excluding the Favorite Overall category. For example, a storefront may not win in an online, mobile, children’s, or accessories/decor category, even if more than one category is applicable to its business and products. Boutiques should choose and promote voting in the single category that best represents his or her business, in addition to the Overall Favorite category.
  • Top 5 vote getting boutiques in each category will be invited back to the Finals, and voted on for a final time.
  • MLM (multi-level marketing) or Consultant-Only based boutiques do not qualify to enter.
  • Results will be tallied and verified through a professional CPA firm.

Category Definitions:

  • BOUTIQUE: A specialty independent retailer, whether online, with brick and mortar location or mobile. Boutiques have less than 20 locations owned and operated by one single entity or ownership structure. Boutiques primarily carry unique items for women, men, children or the home, and are known for their unique style, personal service, experience, and independent ownership.
  • ONLINE BOUTIQUE: Primary source of revenue, traffic, and recognition comes from online sources whether e-commerce store or social media. May only be recognized in voting by the state in which they are registered and reside.
  • STOREFRONT BOUTIQUE: Primary source of revenue, traffic, and recognition comes from storefront location. May be recognized in the state they reside, or in multiple states if they have multiple locations under 20 in total. Stores with multiple locations under one owner will have all votes cast for their boutique name as a whole, not individual locations.
  • MOBILE BOUTIQUE: Primary source of revenue and traffic come from a mobile set up, fashion truck or experience. Most known for setting up at events and shows with recognizable traveling vehicle or trailer.
  • CHILDREN’S BOUTIQUE:  Primary source of revenue or recognition comes from the sale of children’s or tween attire and accessories.
  • ACCESSORIES/DECOR BOUTIQUE:  Whether online or brick and mortar, primarily known for their accessories, jewelry or home accents as the largest volume of product carried.

For Participating Boutiques:

  • Results, updates, and announcements will be made via the email address you have on file at The Boutique Hub, or by updating the information for your boutique in the voting rounds.  Further announcements will be made via Social Media on both #BoutiqueStyle and #BoutiqueBusiness accounts at The Boutique Hub.
  • Boutique Owners wishing to share The Boutique Awards to encourage voting may download our media kit to use in promotions.
  • Membership is not required on The Boutique Hub to participate; however, active boutique member’s nominations will be linked to their full profile on The Hub. Non-members may update basic information and add an email address to be notified of updates, results and an invite to our free communities.

The Boutique Awards | The Boutique HubWe are thrilled about this opportunity for boutiques to be celebrated by their customers, awarded for their success, and recognized all year long by customers new and old.

Whether boutiques win or simply participate, by coming together, we are creating a stronger marketplace and awareness for boutiques globally, as big box consumers look for new alternatives!

Encourage your friends and fellow fans to vote for across all social media or email channels by using this media kit for shareable branded graphics.

It’s time — First-round voting is OFFICIALLY open, VOTE NOW!

Follow along with the awards, and watch for announcements as boutiques make the final round on Facebook and Instagram! Cheers!
The Boutique Hub Team

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