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Knowing Your Numbers

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Knowing Your Numbers

Today Christyne Gray, Founder of She Profits Now, joins us for Knowing Your Numbers. Numbers aren’t as scary as they look, and Christyne is here to prove that! She goes over financial tips for beginners to veterans, discusses what tools you need to create a foolproof financial system, and reveals that you’ll have more creative freedom when you understand your numbers. Today’s episode is one you will not want to miss, so bring along your notebook and get ready to transform your money mindset.

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  1. Bookkeeping is your baseline, from there you build more strategy around your numbers.
  2. The more you know your numbers the more creative you’ll get to be.
  3. Profit first means you need to have a cash flow management strategy. 
Knowing Your Numbers

Favorite Quotes:

“Bookkeeping is a tool its an opportunity to promote healthy business decisions buts its the tool to really plan profitability in the company”-Christyne Gray 

“The Profit first strategy is a means for us to have a true cash flow management strategy in place that serves the goals financially that we have set for the business.” -Christyne Gray 

“The goals are all based on whats your vision for your company and family by opening a business and how we are going to get there. What is the profit potential of this business and let’s map it out.”-Christyne Gray 

“The more you know your numbers the more it lends to your creative side of your brain.”-Ashley A.

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Original Air Date: May 12th, 2020
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