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Leaning Into The Power of Traditional Media

Is there anyone listening who doesn’t find traditional social media completely exhausting (at least sometimes!) when it comes to trying to grow your brand and reach? In today’s episode, we’re getting the inside scoop on the power of traditional media with the owners of Top It Off Accessories, Elizabeth and Karena, and we’re finding out what it’s like to find yourself in one of the most coveted spots in the nation: on Oprah’s Favorite Things list.

Listen in as Elizabeth and Karena walk us through their brand story, having been in business for 20 amazing years, how they have grown during that time, how they source products, and how they manage cash flow. We also dive into what it was like to be featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things, what they learned from the experience, and—more importantly—what they learned about the power of traditional marketing methods. You’ll hear their thoughts on how boutiques can leverage traditional marketing themselves, as well as why it’s more important than ever to have powerful relationships between brand and boutique.

>>Leaning Into The Power of Traditional Media– LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>Leaning Into The Power of Traditional Media– LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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What You’ll Learn From Leaning Into The Power of Traditional Media

  • The story behind Top It Off Accessories.
  • The dos and don’ts Karena and Elizabeth learned from sourcing.
  • How they managed cash flow as they were scaling.
  • How their PR firm prepared them for the press.
  • What they did to prepare boutique owners for an increase in demand.
  • How they increased their wholesale business.
  • The importance of relationships in the boutique business.
  • How Karena and Elizabeth manage working together remotely.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Elizabeth and Karena

“We didn’t know that you could push back on MOQs.” – Karena Elwell Rasser [6:00]

“Everything is up for negotiation.” – Karena Elwell Rasser [8:45]

“One of the things we did right from the start was getting a line of credit.” – Elizabeth Hoenscheid [11:00]

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Original Air Date: December 6th, 2022
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