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Maximize Your Instagram Presence

Maximize Your Instagram Presence

The content queen is back! Shannon Gordon is the Social Media Manager at the Hub and a former boutique owner herself, and I am so excited to have her on the show today to deep dive into the tips, tools, and trainings to make your Instagram account work for you.

Grab your notebook and get comfortable as we talk through what’s working right now on Instagram, how to grow on the platform, and how to create engaging content that translates into sales for your business. Shannon also shares the top non-negotiable to being successful on Instagram and what the most successful boutiques are doing right (and what they could do to up-level their Instagram game even further!)

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What You’ll Learn From Maximize Your Instagram Presence

  • How Instagram has changed and where it is headed.
  • The importance of being authentic on Instagram.
  • Where to start with creating reels.
  • How to collaborate with others when it comes to reels.
  • What the most successful boutiques are doing right.
  • Shannon’s strategy for creating video content.
  • Whether hashtags are still relevant.

Favorite Quotes from Shannon Gordon

“They were losing such a mass amount of people to TikTok, so to keep people on the platform Instagram basically had to change overnight.” – Shannon Gordon [4:30]

“Gone are the days of a highly curated feed.” – Shannon Gordon [5:00]

“You never know what video is going to go viral.” – Shannon Gordon [11:00]

Resources Featured In This Episode:

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Original Air Date: May 17th, 2022
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