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Process, Delegation and the EOS Model with Valerie and Ryan Becker, Wellington Design Co.

It’s Kids Week on Hubventory.com! And to celebrate, Valerie and Ryan Becker join me to talk Children’s and their recent transition from retail to wholesale as the founders of Wellington Design Co., a kids clothing line of Valerie’s original designs.

It started with Valerie wanting to incorporate some of her own designs into her online children’s boutique. They sold so well in her store and on Facebook that in 2020 she went all in on Wellington. Her husband Ryan got on board to help run the wholesale business, and the brand has been growing strong ever since!

I talk to Valerie and Ryan about what it takes to successfully launch a clothing line, the struggles and benefits of working with your spouse, balancing professional and personal goals, metrics, evaluation and putting the right processes in place for consistency and growth.

The Beckers are big on processes, planning and delegation — which is why EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) has been vital to their new business. It’s a model we at The Hub Team use too, and I’m telling you, it WORKS. EOS helps you set, measure and ultimately acheive short- and long-term goals. So, take notes!

And be sure to check out Wellington Design Co. on Huventory for special offers this week!

Resources Featured In This Episode:

>>Process, Delegation and the EOS Model– LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>Process, Delegation and the EOS Model – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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Process, Delegation and the EOS Model

  • Breaking into wholesale, sourcing and manufacturers
  • Building processes for success
  • How to manage a team and the importance of delegation
  • Marketing strategy and content planning
  • Implementing EOS
  • Scaling systematically
  • Metrics to drive business strategy
  • The struggles and benefits of working with a spouse
  • Children’s Clothing
  • Kids Week on Hubventory.com

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Original Air Date: May 16th, 2023
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