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Building Connections and Giving Back through Your Business with Sydney Petersen, Bizzy’s Boutique

This is such a special episode with such a special person — Sydney Petersen, founder of Bizzy’s Boutique, Bizzy Izzy’s Wholesale children’s brand and the Love Izzy Project. 

Sydney truly inspires me, not only as a business owner but also as someone who spreads joy and hope to others. Get ready to have your heart strings pulled (especially all you mommas)!

Sydney named her business after her daughter Isabelle (Izzy) who was born with a rare genetic disorder and, as a result, had a prolonged stay in the NICU. Fortunately from Sydney’s traumatic experience came a beautiful baby girl, a new community of NICU moms and an inspired business idea.

It all started with the Love Izzy Project. Sydney began designing swaddle blankets as a way to give back to other NICU moms and their babies. For every Love Izzy swaddle blanket sold, a swaddle is donated to the Blank Children’s NICU.

Her Bizzy-ness grew from there, and now Sydney specializes in all things children’s as a boutique owner and the designer of the Bizzy Izzy’s kids line. We talk retail vs. wholesale, social strategy, the value of Facebook Groups, customer avatars, ambassador programs, and photography. But even more importantly, we discuss finding a greater purpose in business, serving others, and building authentic connections and community. 

Grab the tissues along with your notebook this week — hopefully you’ll learn a lot and be inspired!

Resources Featured In This Episode:

>>Building Connections and Giving Back through Your Business– LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>Building Connections and Giving Back through Your Business – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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Building Connections and Giving Back through Your Business

  • Wholesale vs Retail
  • The unique struggles of sourcing and manufacturing children’s apparel
  • Building community and connecting with customers
  • Being authentic on social media
  • Facebook Groups
  • Approach to ambassador programs
  • The power of photography
  • Children’s Clothing
  • Love Izzy Project

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Original Air Date: May 16th, 2023
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