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The Pursuit of Happiness: Prioritizing Mental Well-Being in Business and Life with Sara Durcholz, JO+CO

Are you racing towards the ‘next big thing’ or finding genuine joy in your journey? Sara Durcholz is the founder and visionary behind JO+CO, and she has an amazing story, from starting her business to expanding to multiple storefronts—and realizing the need for a completely different direction in her life and making the leap to focus on e-commerce and find true fulfillment.

Get comfortable and listen in as Sara shares candidly about her initial venture into the boutique business, diving into the ups and downs of her early days as an entrepreneur. You’ll hear why she chose the path of franchising her business, how she learned to balance her ambition with personal fulfillment, the mistakes she made along the way, and how she made the shift to make herself truly happy.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

>>The Pursuit of Happiness: Prioritizing Mental Well-being in Business and Life– LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>The Pursuit of Happiness: Prioritizing Mental Well-being in Business and Life – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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The Pursuit of Happiness: Prioritizing Mental Well-being in Business and Life

  • How Sara first got started in the boutique business.
  • Why she decided to scale the business and the mistakes she made along the way.
  • The questions she wished she would have asked herself before scaling.
  • The approach she took with the business during COVID.
  • Why she turned to franchising. 
  • What Sara’s day-to-day now looks like.
  • The tangible ways she shows up differently now than she did before finding her purpose.
  • How she pushes past the fear of failure.

Favorite Quotes from Sara Durcholz

“I don’t regret any step, it’s all a learning experience.” – Sara Durcholz [4:45]

“I am doing more with one store than I was with three.” – Sara Durcholz [15:00]

“Being honest with yourself is really hard work.” – Sara Durcholz [28:20]

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Original Air Date: May 30th, 2023
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