Product Photography for Boutique Owners

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Product Photography For Boutique Owners

Great photography is key to landing that online sale! Let’s get into some product photography tips for boutique owners.

Part of the allure to shopping with boutiques is the way they teach us how to style. Their beautiful photos show us what pairs well together & inspire us to wear what we might not have picked out on our own.

Pictures help customers determine quality and style, ultimately leading them to purchase or pass.

Need some inspiration? We’ve picked 7 of our favorite product shots to help you up your game. We want to say HATS OFF to the boutiques whose photos we’ve included – we admire your photography skills and eye for detail! Here are some product photography tips for boutique owners:

 Product Photography for Boutique Owners

1. Styled to Perfection

Have you ever noticed some outfit shots arranged on the floor look like a pile of laundry? They have cheap plastic hangers, multiple wrinkles, tags sticking out, and are taken at a strange angle. Styled outfits on the floor can make excellent photos as long as they are bright, completely styled, and the arrangement is crisp.

Product Photography for Boutique Owners

2.  Human Elements

Photos on real models are key to helping shoppers gage fit, length, understand size options if they know what size the model is wearing and how colors look on various skin and hair tones. We love model shots that are bright, fully styled, crisp, clear, and have complimenting backdrops. We asked our Facebook Fans to share, and photos on real people (not vendor shots) were the top shopper suggestion when it comes to influencing their decision to buy.

Product Photography for Boutique Owners

3. Devil’s in the Details

Add in some texture. We love the detail added to product shots – customers can notice the lifestyle elements in each photo that aren’t necessarily part of the sale, but help tell the story. This is an image of a simple color blocked lounge set, and all the details and lifestyle elements added to the image tell a story and create a vibe the viewer can’t turn down!

Product Photography for Boutique Owners

4. Bright + Cheerful

Colors play a significant impact in our moods and impulses to buy seasonally. Rich colors make us feel cheerful and style inspired for spring.

Product Photography for Boutique Owners

5. Crisp + Clean = White

I have an Instagram Crush on so many bloggers, Etsy shops, and boutiques that do white backdrops well. Product shots like this one make the product itself pop out while still crating a clean and aesthetically pleasing shot. 

Product Photography for Boutique Owners

6. Stars for Selfies

Mirror selfies are a great way to showcase products with humanisitic elements, while also adding in a lifestyle element that tells a story. Pay close attention to your background to edit out any photo bombers and be sure to angle yourself into lots of light!

Product Photography for Boutique Owners

7. Up Close & Personal

Instagram has inspired us to look through the lens differently. Up-close, artsy photos that showcase colors, textures and details are fan favorites and are great ways to showcase products without having to type, “Buy This.”

Product Photography for Boutique Owners

Not a photographer yourself or think you can’t afford one? Many photographers are small businesses too and are open to working out a variety of payment or trade options. The answer is always no unless you ask, right? Also, a good quality phone camera also works great! 

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