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Relaunch: The Boutique Hub 3.0

For the past six years, we have been so honored to watch the boutique industry and our community here at The Boutique Hub grow and evolve! A new year is here, and with that, The Boutique Hub is excited to announce “Relaunch: The Boutique Hub 3.0”, a strategic, five-phase plan that will take place in the coming weeks.

What’s in it for you?

We have so many incredible opportunities to offer to all of our members, and one of our biggest resolutions, if you will, is to ensure that all we’re extending to our members is presented in a way that is easy for you to find, understand and implement. Whether it’s representing material we’ve already developed in a way that’s easier to understand, or building new content that’s current with whatever issues are ailing you, we are here to make your retail business succeed.

We’ve been waiting to announce some of these phases for more than a year, and we have far more planned than what’s listed here, but we’re starting with what’s most important to you; because that’s what is most important to us. When you ask, we listen. We always have and we always will. You’re the reason we’re here, and you’re the ones who will benefit most from the five phases of Boutique Hub 3.0.

Phase 1: Boutique Hub Pricing

Based on member feedback, we’re changing up our pricing structure, and also implementing our first ever membership price increase (breathe, current members stay right where they are!)  This phase is detailed below, as it’s the first chapter of this new relaunch!

Phase 2: Boutique Hub Insurance

For the past six months, we’ve been working to provide insurance to our Boutique Hub members and we’re in the final steps of fully announcing such. This work has not been easy, as insurance is something that differs among state lines and is ever-changing in our political climate. Being able to offer various supplemental policies at significantly reduced rates to our members, their families, and employees is something we are so thrilled about, and due to the size and strength of our community has come to fruition!  This phase will be launching to all members in the upcoming weeks.

Phase 3: Full Business Rebrand

You’ve possibly seen a bit of this phase already, as we’ve been updating various logos and graphics, refreshing them for a new year. In the coming months, you’ll be seeing a full rebrand of The Boutique Hub, and splitting of our two platforms–#BoutiqueBusiness and #BoutiqueStyle. Once complete, our business side will be The Boutique Hub, and our style side will be known at Boutique.Style. With this, our online platform will be splitting into two websites, allowing consumers to easily find the fashion styles they’re looking for, while also giving our members an easy-to-use website where they aren’t required to wade through fashion to find their trainings, shop wholesale, and find vetted tools, resources, and discounts.

Phase 4: Site Updates & Boutique Hub Website Relaunch

This phase of the Relaunch is one that will probably be most noticeable for those of you who are utilizing all that your Boutique Hub membership has to offer. We’re designing a new dashboard for our members, updating the flow of our Training Library, and overhauling the website with a fresh look that will offer a brand new homepage along with the rest of our website pages. Along with this phase, we’ll be taking the Style side of our website down for a short duration, to make room for these changes, and for Phase 5.

Phase 5: Boutique.Style Launch

The launch of Boutique.Style is something that’s been in the works for close to a year, and it will be the final phase of our Relaunch. We’ve listened to feedback from shoppers and members who’ve said our website is a bit confusing, and we see it too. In order to provide shoppers with a one-stop-shopping experience, we’ve been working with various designers and developers so that we’re able to start offering a unique shopping atmosphere that’s easy for shoppers to navigate, and for our member boutiques and brands to take part in.

And SO MUCH MORE by way of shopping wholesale, but we’ll save that for another day!

Our goal is that every single member is able to take away a 10X return on their Boutique Hub membership investment, and the above ways are how we’re committed to making that happen.

Today’s Pricing Changes

Today, we’re going to detail Phase 1 of this Relaunch, which includes a few, slight changes to our membership pricing, most of which has been based on member feedback! Since we began this journey and community, we’ve kept a mission to keep membership as affordable as possible for members, knowing what it means to be a business owner on a budget.

For 3 years, pricing has remained only $24 a month–just 80 cents per day as a boutique owner, wholesale brand or service provider, even as we’ve added new perks to the community!

We are happy to say, for current members, this pricing all remains the same! Plus, we’re bringing back a monthly option to join, just for boutiques!

Inside as a member, you have access to multiple perks including:

  • Over $3,000 in annual savings from Comment Sold, Quickbooks and numerous wholesale vendors special pricing added to weekly.
  • 100+ hours of training, 30-day challenges, and access to experts and industry insiders who have been there and are willing to help!
  • 600+ wholesale brands sharing new designs daily.  
  • Live events, market meetups, and boutique besties who get it!
  • New monthly business training bundles & ongoing tools, resources & support.
  • Plus The Boutique Awards, Boutique.Style profiles, Shop The Best Boutiques Facebook Shopping group, BoutiqueBoss Store, Boutique Summit, Western Summit and up to date industry news.  

Coming this year, we can’t wait to add:

  • Access to supplemental insurance plans at significantly reduced rates.
  • Over 30 new training videos added in January alone (worth a $500+ training course)
  • New training bundles with live guest experts each month.
  • And significant new discounts from wholesale brands and vendors like Hertz Rental Car, Office Depot, Dell, and a direct USPS support line!
  • A BRAND NEW wholesale discovery & shopping platform!

In all that we do, the mission of saving you time, money, costly headaches and connecting you to the brands and resources trusted most remain TOP priority. Through these changes, we want to stress that we still believe in that mission of affordability for all, as we all grow.

For wholesale brand members and service providers, our change below ensures that new members are here for the long-term good of the customers they serve in the community and vetted in quality, as they join annually! Trust and integrity are values we hold dear in business, which are key reasons for the changes you’ll see below!

We know the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars it costs wholesale brands to attend market events, or spent on reps to meet new boutique owners worldwide. With this in mind, we know that your membership at The Boutique Hub is a low cost and effective way to meet great new stores worldwide who are interested in your products, both online through the community, but also at any markets attended as we partner with Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas markets.  The Boutique Hub is also the ONLY place where wholesale brands and reps can go to find their own training library and resources, built just for brands looking for business strategy, tools, and training.

New and Clarified Boutique Hub Pricing:

New Members (after 1/13/19):
-Join ANNUALLY at $24/month paid in full at $288.  (Current pricing, saves $144/yr)
-OR choose to pay MONTHLY at $36/month.  (New option)

Current Members:  
-Remain at their current price, thanks for being a member, we love you guys!

New Members (after 1/13/19):
-Join ANNUALLY at $49/month paid annually.  (New)

Current Members:
-Remain at their current price, thanks for being a member!

New Members (after 1/13/19):
-Join ANNUALLY at $49/month paid annually with agreement.  (Current)

Current Members:
-Remain at their current price with conversations about references and activity in the community to ensure a great partnership!


At the end of the day, our team is excited about all of the feedback and input the community has shared in regard to these changes, and we are looking forward to ringing in a wonderful 2019 together with our industry and members!

It’s the YEAR for the boutique retail industry! It is with our hearts, and your biggest visions ahead, that we are here to serve the industry!

Cheers to a #BoutiqueBoss 2019, we can’t wait to celebrate what you have in store (literally!) Thank you, to all of our members for your ongoing support!

-The Boutique Hub Team


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