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Retailer’s Guide to a Successful Holiday Season

The following blog post is a guest blog post provided by ALR Virtual Services.

Holiday talk already? But it’s still Summer?

We know most of you are still in summer mode, but right now is the BEST time to start prepping for the Holiday Season! Time to get your game plan set in place to ensure a smooth transition from Summer to the Holidays!

Holiday prep can be overwhelming. With the correct steps, you can find yourself stressing less and enjoying the season more! So, what does Holiday prep look like? We mapped out the must-do’s, for you!

So, where do we begin?

Time to grab your CALENDAR! Let’s identify those big Holidays, promotions, and critical dates. Once these are established, stick to it! Do not give up, do not procrastinate, and do not post and ghost! Once you promote something, go through with it. Your goal is to gain trust, not lose it.

Once you have you dates set, it’s time to start thinking about sales. Take a look at previous years to figure out what worked well for you. Get those details ironed out to ensure a higher income.

Remember, if you decide to partake in any sales or giveaways – your sales will likely go up – however, this does not necessarily mean your income will too. Be mindful of percentages off vs. price of purchase, and how many sales you run. Too many sales will likely hurt you in the long run. While it may be the season of giving, your income should NOT be part of that!

Now the fun part:
MARKETING! Everyone will be running similar deals. How will you choose to stand out amongst the rest? What are the best ways to market your fun and trendy Holiday inventory? It all starts with social media! Start reaching out to potential collaborators, getting together any contests or giveaways you have planned, and POST, POST, POST! Create events, countdowns, contests, gift guides etc. Stay relevant. Get your customers hyped up about your plans and incentivize them to repost your content. One of the best ways to market your business is through your customers. Keep them posting about your boutique, and your sales will skyrocket.

Another huge method for marketing is EMAILS! Emails are fairly simple to create and are a useful tool for tracking progress. Create a header and subject line that leaves your customers with no choice but to click. Be sure to highlight any specials, new inventory, gift guides, and events. Emails are an excellent way to get the word out. Get your holiday aesthetic down, and your email game will be on point!

Now that we have the main tenets of a successful and non-stressful Holiday Season, it’s time to act! Get your plans set and STICK TO THEM!

Let’s slay this Holiday Season together! Have fun and stay Merry!
ALR Virtual Services


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