Self Love: The Secret to Success

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Self Love: The Secret to Success

Today on the Boutique Chat Podcast Chrystal Rose, Self Love Coach & CEO of Rebellia, joins us for Self Love: The Secret to Success.

Are you hustling for your worth? Are you a high-achieving woman that feels like you are on the hamster wheel, you always are on to the next goal, and you struggle to put yourself before your business & loved ones? In today’s episode, Chrystal goes over how you can feel personal fulfillment, how to deal with negative coping mechanisms, and how to find peace in your journey. We aren’t lying when we say this episode is life-changing!

Episode Rundown:

  • 00:07:48 What is a Self Love Coach
  • 00:08:57 It’s More than Mindset
  • 00:13:39 Celebrate Your Wins
  • 00:17:06 How to Connect to Your Body
  • 00:24:26 How Do You Cope?
  • 00:32:34 The Secret to Getting the Life You Want
  • 00:38:23 How Can We Improve
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3 Takeaways from Self Love: The Secret to Success

  1. Celebrate your wins, even if they are “small”.
  2. We can’t hustle for our worth.
  3. It’s more than your mindset, it’s about connecting the body and the mind.

Favorite Episode Quotes

“What drives our mindset is our internal belief system and that is inside of our body. Which especially if you are a high-achieving woman you don’t spend a lot of time in your body, you spend a lot of time in your head.” -Chrystal Rose

“One of the only ways to change your belief system is by creating evidence to the contrary.” -Chrystal Rose

Self Love: The Secret to Success

“Your intuition is the truth and the more you connect to your body, the louder your intuition gets.” -Chrystal Rose

Where to find Chrystal:

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Instagram: @xtalrose @rebelliaclothing


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Original Air Date: April 27th, 2021
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