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SEO Strategy for Boutiques

Learn how to boost traffic to your boutique organically with this SEO strategy for boutiques. Jeff goes over backlinks, keywords, and how to not get ripped off by ad agencies. Get ready to take some notes because this episode is packed with easy-to-follow SEO tips!

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Episode Run Down:

00:02:38 Iron Man
00:08:54 SEO Basics
00:17:01 Backlinks
00:21:58 Keywords
00:27:25 Making an SEO Plan
00:39:21 Working with Ad Agencies

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Main Points in SEO Strategy for Boutiques

  1. Google my business is important. Make sure your best customers are leaving reviews.
  2. You can bring tons of traffic to your website, but if the page isn’t good their not going to buy.
  3. Make sure the ad companies are reporting ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) to you, otherwise that’s a red flag.

Favorite Quotes in SEO Strategy for Boutiques

“You don’t advertise unless it generates a return.” -Jeff Fenn

SEO Strategy for Boutiques | Boutique Chat Podcast

“Organic traffic will increase with SEO. Your page itself is what determines sales.” -Jeff Fenn

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Original Air Date: June 22nd, 2021
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