Simple Strategies for Business Success

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Simple Strategies for Business Success

Today on the Boutique Chat Podcast Nicole Palmer, CEO of Nicole J Boutique, joins us for Simple Strategies for Business Success. After over 11 years of owning a Boutique, Nicole explains how sometimes going back to the basics can transform your business. She goes over how she pivoted during the pandemic, the importance of building a community, and how she utilizes time blocking. Tune in to get more details on Nicole’s journey as a successful boutique owner!

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Episode Run-Down:

00:04:31 How I Started My Boutique
00:11:52 Back to the Basics
00:13:35 Facebook Live
00:15:44 Building Community
00:23:33 My Weekly Schedule & Time Blocking
00:29:00 Buying Planning & Product Launches
00:31:29 My Advice for other Business Owners

Main Points

  1. People want to know the person behind the business. They want to know YOU!
  2. Build a community! If you don’t have a Facebook group, you need one.
  3.  Do what works best for you. Success comes with the process of trial and error, there is no easy button.

Favorite Quotes

“Most of my video content is honestly not selling, it’s more just connecting, talking, and checking in with my customers.” -Nicole Palmer

“I think we get so caught up in what other people are doing and we lose track of what means the most to us.” -Nicole Palmer

“People ask how to be successful. My answer is always the same. I worked really hard and there is no magic answer. It’s a lot of trial and error and just going for it.” -Nicole Palmer

Where to find Nicole: 

Instagram: @nicolejboutique & @nicolejpalmer


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Original Air Date: March 23rd, 2020
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