How to Maximize the Viral Potential of Your Content

How to Maximize the Viral Potential of Your Content

Today on the Boutique Chat Podcast Angela Smith, CEO of Off the Racks Boutique, joins us for How to Maximize the Viral Potential of Your Content.

Have you had a product that is on the verge of going viral? Do you want to know how to keep the buzz going? Well, Angela has experience in having her products go viral, and in this episode, she explains what she does to maximize the buzz she is receiving. She also discusses moving from a brick & motor to an online business, Facebook ads, and how she builds a community around her brand. Tune in to hear Angela’s secrets to success!

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Episode Run-Down:

00:06:54 Splitting Ways with a Business Partner
00:08:09 Building a Community
00:10:42 Pivoting in Tough Times
00:13:05 Brick and Motor to Online
0014:23 Going Viral
00:17:37 Facebook Ads
00:22:22 Product Releases
00:28:56 How to Handle Negative Feeback
00:31:59 Email Marketing

Main Points

  1. One hundred true fans are better than thousands of unengaged followers.
  2. Pivot when things get tough. You might not be comfortable, but that’s when growth takes place.
  3. Most happy people don’t always leave reviews, mad people are the ones who leave negative reviews.

Favorite Quotes

“I became successful doing what I like to do, so why would I want to be like anyone else.” -Angela Smith

“The people you are making happy arent always going to leave a good review. Mad people are the ones leaving bad reviews, so you just have to let it go.” -Angela Smith

“It’s a whole lot of trial and error. You do waste money sometimes trying things, but you can also make a lot of money.” -Angela Smith

Where to find Angela: 

Instagram: @anghsmith & @shopofftheracks


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Original Air Date: March 30th, 2020
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