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Stopping the Summer Slump: Paid & Organic Marketing Strategies Every Boutique Needs

This is a sponsored blog post provided by Digital Boutique Co.

Summer can sometimes bring a slowdown in business for boutiques, but fear not! We have compiled a list of marketing strategies that you can get you through the summer slumps and prepare you for a killer Q4. A slow season is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in yourself and your education as a CEO and entrepreneur. So let’s dive in and revitalize your boutique!

1. Revisit Your Brand Guidelines

Take a moment to review your brand guidelines. Ensure that you have a professional logo that represents your boutique effectively. Consider the colors and fonts that you associate with your brand. Additionally, think about your tone of voice—should your copy be fun and trendy or more tailored to the classic working woman? Your boutique should have a distinct identity that customers can recognize even without seeing your name or logo. Create a brand kit that captures your brand colors, overall aesthetic, and the way you communicate on social media and your website. If you’re outsourcing any of your marketing, having a brand kit ready to go also makes it easier for them to create content that aligns with your vision. Canva is a great tool to use to create a brand guide. There are also tons of amazing branding & design agencies here in The Boutique Hub that can take this off of your plate!

2. Batch Reusable Content

Use the slower summer days to your advantage by creating reusable content. Take a few moments throughout the day to record simple tasks using your camera (iPhone or pro camera, both work great.) Whether it’s getting your morning coffee, dropping off packages at UPS, walking the dog, unpacking new inventory, or checking emails, these snippets can be reused throughout the year for reels and other marketing materials. This strategy saves you time and effort in the long run, and also shows your audience a little behind the scenes action. 

3. Invest in Marketing Strategies

Efficient time management opens up a world of possibilities. Identify the areas in your calendar where you often find yourself stretched thin. Explore marketing strategies that can alleviate stress, free up your schedule, and allow you to focus on what you do best—buying clothes, selling them, and loving people well. There are numerous free apps available to help you schedule and manage your content. Consider using task management systems for increased accountability. Additionally, you may want to explore options such as email marketing, ads, branding, professional photos, or social media management. Don’t dismiss social media marketing without exploring your budget—there are affordable solutions that can make a significant impact on your boutique’s growth. 

4. The Power of Paid Media

Let’s talk about ads. Investing in ads can be scary, especially during months where things seem to be slower than normal and you find yourself trying to cut costs wherever possible. Ads should never be used as a lifeline to make or break your sales, but they are an incredible asset and tool when leveraged properly. There are definitely boxes that need to be checked before you go throwing money at ads. We’re talking about a high converting website, favorable AOV, killer social media strategy, etc. You need to have the foundational pieces in place before you can be successful with ads. But, paid advertising is no longer optional. Something we always remind people of is, if you’re not advertising to your audience, someone else is. This goes for social media posts, email marketing, and especially paid ads. Let us encourage you that there is no bad time to start running ads. Ok, Black Friday would be a bad time to run ads for the first time…but that’s really it! Our clients at Digital Boutique Co establish a winning ad strategy well before the dreaded “J-Months”. They have killer online audiences that are buying during a time when it feels like no one else is. In fact, ads during the summer months are oftentimes what helps them meet sales goals in times that would otherwise be missing the mark.

5. Grow Your Email and SMS List.

Take advantage of the extra time you may have during the slower summer season to grow your email and SMS marketing list. Email and SMS marketing are powerful tools for nurturing and strengthening your relationship with your most loyal customers. Make sure you have a working pop-up on your website to collect email addresses and phone numbers. However, before sending out any emails or messages to your new list, familiarize yourself with the CAN-SPAM Act to ensure compliance with regulations. Trust us, you don’t want to be anywhere near those lawsuits!

By implementing these marketing strategies, you can combat the summer slump and set your boutique up for success heading into Q4. Remember, a slow season presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Mindset is everything. Embrace this season, take action, and watch your boutique thrive! 

Xoxo, Digital Boutique Co.


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