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The Boutique Hub Turns 10!

It’s a big week for The Boutique Hub, as it is our 10 Year Hubaversary!

And that is a HUGE thanks to YOU! 

We want to remind you all where we started, and what you’ve helped us accomplish as members of The Boutique Hub.

Our business has changed quite a bit since 2013. As many of you may remember, the Hub first started as a way for shoppers to easily find boutiques (before the days of shopping on Facebook and Instagram). And we still connect retailers to boutiques today in our Shop the Best Boutiques Facebook group.

During that process, Ashley saw a need for boutique and brand owners to have a place where they could come together and learn from one another, with “community over competition” leading the way.

The membership model that most of you are familiar with, launched in 2017, and we’ve been gaining momentum and helping boutiques and brands ever since!

We’ve hit some pretty exciting milestones in the last few years! Here’s what we’ve accomplished together:  

  • We’ve served over 55,000 small businesses – everything we do comes back to how we can help you!
  • We’ve helped over 8000 members since 2017, representing all 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and 4 countries around the world.
  • We’ve had more than 5,500 people attend our events and meetups since 2017.
  • We’ve been invited to speak at 8 different apparel markets across the country.
  • We’ve had almost 2 million podcast downloads since we created the Boutique Chat podcast in February 2018.
  • We launched our very own wholesale platform, Hubventory and can’t wait to continue to add more retailers & brands every day!
  • We have built a custom metrics Dashboard, Boutique Hub Black, while allows retailers to analyze their eCom and digital ad performance all in one place.
  • We’ve been interviewed by and featured in, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., California Apparel News, Startup Nation, and Ecommerce Mag.
  • We represent 1200+ boutique members (that we have a record of) whose businesses who take in more than $30,000 in sales every month, and 400+ boutiques who make more than $1,000,000 each year, some achieving that number in just one month.
  • We received the Inc Regionals: Midwest list of the fastest-growing private companies three times: #10 in 2020, #80 in 2022, and #134 in 2023. 
  • We have also been named on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies three times: #164 in 2020, #1007 in 2021, and #2663 in 2022.
  • We have employed 40+ people over the last ten years across 18 different states. With your support, we’ve given our staff the resources to build & buy new homes, pay off student loans, have babies, adopt children, and take dream vacations. 

But above all else, these stats and accomplishments only come down to one thing…

They are only possible if you’re growing YOUR business. 
YOU finding the value in the Hub and taking action on it…you make the Hub possible!

Our sole mission at the end of the day is to change a business, change a life, a family, a team, and a community.

Together, we win and we couldn’t be more thankful to have the opportunity to serve this industry.

Cheers to another year together and seeing YOUR business continue to grow. We are here to serve however we can!


The entire Boutique Hub team (meet us here)

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