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Honoring The Best Boutiques

Celebrate with us at the Boutique Awards 2019, where we will be honoring the best boutiques in the world.

Are you ready to celebrate the best boutiques in the world?

We can’t wait to hear your customers raise their voices to celebrate and recognize all that you do to serve them on a daily basis. Here is their chance to tell the world, that you’re their favorite for a reason.

Not Familiar with The Boutique Awards yet?

The Boutique Awards honor & celebrate the best boutiques and specialty stores, including online, mobile, or brick & mortar around the world as voted on by their customers.

As the most accessible fashion source for women of all ages, sizes, locations, and income levels, we know boutiques offer the most personal shopping experience, service as well as unique and quality products around and this is the time to honor your awesomeness!

Voters choose their favorite boutiques across the following categories:

  • Global Boutique of the Year (US, CAN, AUS, UK)
  • Overall Boutique of the Year in all 50 US States, the UK, CAN, AUS
  • State/location-based winners for Storefront, Mobile, Online and Children’s Boutique of the Year

That’s nearly 300 potential boutiques to recognize! (We like to spread the love!)

Why YOU Want to be Involved With The Best Boutiques

Last year we had over 300,000 votes for 3,000+ boutiques worldwide!

But the real reason is much deeper than that.

The Boutique Awards were sparked by the idea of the ‘J’ Months in retail…a slower season where customer engagement matters because margins and sales can be lower.

Participating boutiques leveraged the Awards as an opportunity to build a conversation around their brand, run surveys, hear feedback, get customer photos and testimonials, plus drive TONS of engagement (and thus sales) during a slower season.

Each year since the Awards have run, participating boutiques have given feedback, that wins or NOT, using this tool to drive the conversation with their customers was so very helpful.

And to us, THAT is what matters more than a specific voting outcome.

However….winning isn’t all bad either 🙂 We’ve got some pretty cool swag to share courtesy of 20+ Prize Partners, WWD MAGIC & participating apparel markets worldwide.

Winners celebrated their awards all year long with storefront stickers, displays, and the prestige of sharing their title with customers in-store, online and in advertising all year long!  

PLUS tons of prizes including FREE hotel rooms at several markets, flights, free wholesale inventory, discounts, waived attorney fees, web consulting and celebration at The Boutique Summit and BoutiqueBoss Banquet!  

The Boutique Awards 2019
Jennaration Boutique, Jenna Powell


Nominated boutiques MUST be members of to allow verification of their business (the are operating, not an MLM or buy-in group, etc).

‘Buy-In’ groups, MLM (multi-level marketing) or consultant-based boutiques DO NOT qualify to enter. Please see the category definitions below.

Boutiques are eligible for awards ONLY in the state they are based in. If located in multiple states, boutiques must choose only ONE to compete in or create separate Hub profiles for each location and separate storefront or business location. Anyone purposefully choosing the wrong location will be disqualified.

Choose your state/category on your Boutique Hub membership profile before voting begins.

Boutiques are only eligible to be nominated in ONE category per location, plus the overall category. 

Global Boutique of the Year Winner and Runner Up will be chosen by total votes cast worldwide.

The best boutiques in the United States

Results, updates, and announcements will be made via the email address you have on file at The Boutique Hub, or by updating the information for your boutique in the voting rounds.

Further announcements will be made via social media on both #BoutiqueStyle and #BoutiqueBusiness accounts at The Boutique Hub.

Information to Remember

Boutique owners wishing to share The Boutique Awards to encourage voting may download our media kit to use in promotions.

Runner-ups & 2 Finalists will be announced but ONLY winners will receive prize packages & certificates. Finalists will still receive official badges!

Results will be tallied and verified through a professional CPA firm. 

Participating Boutique Owners using GIVEAWAYS to promote must limit giveaway prizes to items pertaining to their store or business only. Please, no elaborate trips or gifts, we’d like to keep the participation on merit above all while still having fun with the awards!

Winners announced the week following votes closing.

The boutique awards.  The best boutiques
The Tiny Closet Boutique

2019 Important Dates

Friday, August 16th – Voting Opens

Tuesday, August 27th –  Voting Closes


Membership at The Boutique Hub is REQUIRED to participate for quality control. Join us here:

Inquiries may be sent to [email protected].

We can’t wait to celebrate all of this year’s winners, and together, raise the voice and awareness of boutique fashion (and shopping small) worldwide!

Voting opens August 16th right here:


Plus, Don’t Miss…

The Boutique Awards Kick-Off Party at WWDMAGIC Club 34
Tuesday, Aug 13th 5-6:30pm
Drinks & Apps
LVCC, Club 34


Remember to choose your category on your Boutique Hub profile before voting begins!


Never grow alone. Join the community that gets it.

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