The 2020 Boutique Summit

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The 2020 Boutique Summit

Today Beth Leahy, Cheif of Operations at The Boutique Hub, and Ashley Alderson, Ceo of The Boutique Hub, give is the rundown on the 2020 Boutique Summit.  The Boutique Summit is the Boutique Retail Industry’s Top Business Conference of the Year held June 7-9th, 2020 in Atlanta, GA with Atlanta Apparel. There you will find the proven strategies, tools, and collaborators to help grow your business in an ever-changing industry and social landscape! Today Beth and Ashley go over all the juicy details of this year’s Boutique Summit and the story behind starting the largest boutique owner event in the world, plus some fun lady talk!

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Main Points:

  1. We are all about community over competition. Not only is this an opportunity to learn, but to also form valuable relationships.
  2. At the 2020 Boutique Summit, you will hear from over 40+ speakers, top industry experts, and be apart of hands-on breakout sessions!
  3. There is not one golden ticket to success, otherwise, we would all be the same. That is the beauty of being your own person and finding what works best for you!

Favorite Quotes:

“You come for the strategy right, but part of it is the emerging experience od being in the presence of others who are inspired around you and just feeling that literal physical energy around you. It’s so inspiring and so powerful.” -Ashley A

“I think being a successful entrepreneur is being a life long learner.” Ashley A

“It’s a time to help celebrate you and what you’ve accomplished and all of those who helped you get there!” -Beth L

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Original Air Date: Marth 3rd, 2020
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