There isn’t a day that passes that we don’t sit back in awe of the generous, supportive and kind community of boutique owners, brands and designers who have come together to support one another at The Hub.

Our community is more than business building, it’s friendship building,
and we celebrate that with our in-person meetups!

Meet the community in person this year whether it’s at a #BoutiqueBoss dinner while shopping an apparel market in Las Vegas or Dallas, or get ready to grow your business at our first major event – The Boutique Summit.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Coming to Market and want to meet up with the Hub and your fellow #BoutiqueBosses? Join us for dinner, meeting your friends from our community, #BoutiqueBoss tips, and guest speakers.

Dates in 2017 include:
February 22nd in Las Vegas during WWIN, WWD Magic & OFFPRICE (WOW – 120 fabulous boutique owners made the dinner!)
June 12-14 in Dallas during Apparel Market and The Boutique Summit, hosted by The Boutique Hub
August 14th in Las Vegas during WWIN, WWD Magic & OFFPRICE
See a highlight from our meetup last August in Las Vegas during


Get ready to join over 300 boutique owners from all styles and walks of life gathered with the industry’s top leaders, speakers and thinkers with a unique perspective to share.  From working with bloggers and influencers making waves, to nailing your brand’s voice, we’re diving into how to grow your business from the minds of those who have done it. Brick and Mortar, E-Commerce and Mobile Boutiques welcome, along with wholesale vendors, aspiring bloggers and industry influencers.

We’re bringing in the industry together under one roof to talk trends, business strategy, e-commerce, industry forecasts and much, much more.

June 12-14, Dallas Texas

Full Details & Registrations Coming in March

Have an event you’d like to see The Boutique Hub, or our Founder take part in? Let us know!

We love to spread the message of boutique fashion, retail strategy, and how women in business are crushing goals and rewriting the standard for entrepreneurship every single day. Ashley is noted Female Founder who loves speaking on business and marketing strategy, e-commerce, the future of retail, motivation & inspiration!