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The Mindset Shift that Will Change Your Life

What is your biggest enemy? What is keeping you from being the best at what you do? Today Bo Eason explains the mindset shift that will change your life. He covers topics including the best practices for going live, the power of your personal story, and the importance of physicality. Bring along a notebook because it will be full of notes after this episode!

Today’s episode was only the beginning of Bo sharing his knowledge. He will be speaking at this year’s 2021 Boutique Summit. If you can’t make the in-person event, you can find digital tickets here!

>> EPISODE 324 – LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<

>> EPISODE 324 – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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Main Points in The Mindset Shift that Will Change Your Life

  1. To be the best you need to give your all, all of the time.
  2. How are you expressing yourself with your body language? Avoid you crossing your arms, touching your hair, and looking around.
  3. Your personal story is so powerful. This is how you connect with your audience and gain their trust.
The Mindset Shift the Will Change Your Life | Boutique Chat

Favorite Quotes

“When you are around somebody who gives all of themselves all of the time, that changes your life.” -Bo Eason

The Mindset Shift the Will Change Your Life | Boutique Chat

“Watch the physicality, watch how the words don’t matter as much as the human body expressing itself.” -Bo Eason

Bo’s Information:


Instagram: @boeason21

Your personal story is your most valuable asset!
If you can communicate in a way that attracts, impacts and moves those around you, that’s true power. Now, you can achieve anything you want to in your business, your career, your relationships, your community and society.  

Learn Bo’s process on how to communicate and use the power of your story to excel when you’re giving a presentation, pitching a potential customer, collaborating with a colleague, or interacting with family and friends. Over the last year, Bo has proven that his process not only works for face-to-face connections, but for online, virtual interactions as well. 

Text STORYGUIDE to 44222 for a free guide on how to capture your personal story and discover the power it has in your conversations and in your life.

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Original Air Date: July 27th, 2021
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