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The Power of Scent

The Power of Scent

Today Julie Tassy, Founder of Ella B Candles, joins us for today’s podcast episode The Power of Scent. Julie goes over how she started her entrepreneurial journey and how she set her company apart from others. In retail, many factors can influence consumer buying habits and scent is one of them. Julie goes over the power fragrance can have on your business and how you can discover a signature scent for your store. Tune in to hear all the details!

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  1. Fragrance creates deeper hospitality with your customers and makes them feel more welcome in store. 
  2. Fragrance isn’t just important in your store. It’s important in your packaging as well. Keeping a cohesive feel throughout your business is key. 
  3. Scent is apart of your brand. Customers remember your scent and are reminded of the positive experience they had while shopping with you. 


“The use of fragrance gives you the ability to practice deeper hospitality with your customers.”-Julie

“I feel so much more like a CEO than an entrepreneur because I’m watching my team flourish. It made me want more of that and less of me doing everything myself.”-Julie

Take the Ella B Candles Discovery Quiz to find your boutique’s signature scent. The quiz can be accessed here: http://ellabcandles.com/find-your-fragrance-family/ 

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Original Air Date: July 28th, 2020
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