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Three Questions to Add to Your Morning Routine


Welcome to another edition of Five Minute Friday! How you begin your day often sets the tone for the rest of it. Do you start your day actively engaging with what excites you, or do you find yourself defensively reacting to the external demands thrown at you from the moment you wake up? Today, I want to dive into a transformative approach to morning routines that has profoundly impacted my life and could change yours too.

Three Questions to Add to Your Morning Routine

The Pitfalls of Starting on Defense

Like many, I used to begin my mornings by reaching for my phone. It was almost instinctual to scroll through notifications, emails, and social media updates. However, this seemingly benign habit had me starting my day on defense, reacting to external stimuli without a moment’s pause for my own thoughts or feelings. This routine could quickly spiral into anxiety, comparison, and a sense of inadequacy, all before even getting out of bed.

Reflecting on my habits, I realized this pattern wasn’t new. Even in high school, before smartphones dominated our lives, I experienced similar mornings filled with dread about the day’s potential challenges. Recognizing this was the first step towards wanting a change.

Shifting to an Offensive Start

The journey to transforming my mornings began with a simple question I stumbled upon during my high school years, possibly inspired by the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series my sister loved. Each morning, I would ask myself: “What am I most excited about today?” This wasn’t just about ignoring the negatives; it was about actively shifting my focus to the positives, setting a proactive tone for the day.

Fast forward to today, my morning questionnaire has evolved into three powerful inquiries, inspired by a tip I picked up from Brendon Burchard at a conference:

  1. What am I most excited about today? This question helps me focus on the positive aspects of the day ahead, fueling my motivation.
  2. What might trip me up today, and how can I be prepared for it? Anticipating challenges doesn’t just help avoid them; it arms me with the strategy and mindset to tackle them proactively.
  3. Who can I surprise today? This is about shifting focus outward. By planning to make someone else’s day better, I not only spread positivity but also reinforce my own sense of purpose and happiness.

Implementing the Change

If you’re looking to revamp how you start your day, consider adopting these questions into your morning routine. Instead of diving into the digital world and playing defense from the minute you wake up, take a moment to set your intentions and strategies for the day. This approach not only enhances personal productivity and well-being but also empowers you to take control of your day from the start.

Challenge for a Better Tomorrow

Tomorrow, when you wake up, challenge yourself to ignore the immediate pull of your phone. Don’t worry about what others are posting on Instagram or the emails waiting in your inbox. Focus on playing offense. Ask yourself what you’re excited about, what challenges you might face, and who you can bring a smile to. Starting your day with these questions can transform ordinary mornings into a powerful launchpad for success and fulfillment.

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