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Tips to Create a Profitable Ecommerce Business

Tips to Create a Profitable Ecommerce Business

Today Erin Hooley, founder of Bailey’s Blossoms, joins us for Tips to Create a Profitable Ecommerce Business. Erin is a living example of being more successful by knowing her numbers. She goes in-depth on conversion rates, branding, and how she manages business and motherhood. But there are so many more helpful business tips from this well-spoken, successful entrepreneur, so tune in now!

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  1. Take your moment to be upset and angry when something doesn’t go your way, but after that, you get up and make a plan. 
  2. Know your numbers. Pretty branding alone won’t pay the bills.
  3. It’s not about balancing time. It’s about being completely present in what task or activity you are doing. 


“The top 3 Ecommerce levers I talk to my team about all the time are traffic, conversion rate, and average order value. These are the three things that we can toy with in order to meet our goal.” -Erin

“Always service above self. The more you give to people the more will come back around.” -Ashley A. 

“The only limitations that matter are the ones you put on yourself… it’s all within your power to recreate and you write your story.”-Erin

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Original Air Date: April 28th, 2020
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