Managing COVID-19 and Your Retail Business

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Managing COVID-19 and Your Retail Business

Today Sara Burks, Director of Education and Partnerships at the Boutique Hub and Ashley Alderson, founder of the Boutique Hub, go over how you can be Managing COVID-19 and Your Retail Business.  Sara and Ashley have been listening to all of your questions concerning your retail business and the effects COVID-19 has had on it. In today’s podcast, they over your top 16 frequently asked questions. This includes topics such as operating your business virtually, where to cut costs right now, and what is changing in currently changing in retail. But there’s even more information than that, so tune in and bring along your notebook! 

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  1. Right now you have the most captive audience you’ve ever had. It’s time to build relationships with your customers because they are going to come back to those who they know and trust. 
  2. Right now is the perfect time to create content around product education. This can be try on videos, lives, or some sort of interactive game on your social media channels. 
  3. Be willing to adapt and try new things again. Your customers continues to grow, and so does your business. For example, If comment selling didn’t work 3 months ago, it doesn’t mean it won’t work now!


“There are so many boutiques who are thriving through this because they’ve been the entrepreneur who solves the puzzle. Entrepreneurs do that better than anybody else, they solve problems.” – Ashley A. 

“Now is the time to serve your customers. It may not be so product-driven as much as it is product education. This may be fun content that can be entertaining to them, ere they are continually drawn to you, they don’t feel like their whole mission in life is to exist so you can sell them something.” – Sara Burks

“Show up, get present. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Get on video, be authentic and do the things to show you are alive in your community and be real with the ups and downs of it all.”- Ashley A

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Original Air Date: April 21st, 2020
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