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What Keeps Entrepreneurs From Growing

Many entrepreneurs can feel like it’s impossible to get ahead. They are working too many hours, team problems can arise, and they aren’t planning for the future of business. Today Kelly Roach goes over what keeps entrepreneurs from growing and the solutions to the common problems faced while scaling. 

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Episode Rundown:

00:07:03 The Trap that Kills Business
00:11:26 Failure Means Growth
00:19:35 Team Culture
00:23:27 Millionaire Mindset
00:26:40 Investments

Main Points In What Keeps Entrepreneurs From Growing

  1. Stop putting your energy into a million different things. Find the areas you are best at and focus.
  2. You have to let your team fail. They will never create greatness if they can’t fail. 
  3. There are no guaranteed outcomes in life no matter how safe you play it. The only way to achieve greatness is by taking the risk.

Favorite Quotes In What Keeps Entrepreneurs From Growing

“Simplification is what drives multiplication.” -Kelly Roach

“I see entrepreneurs holding on to too much, and they are the bottleneck to their own growth.” -Kelly Roach

“They don’t want to let their team fail because they are afraid. Because they don’t let their team fail, the team always underperforms.” -Kelly Roach


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Original Air Date: June 1st, 2021
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