What Will the Future of Retail Look Like? | Boutique Chat Podcast

What Will the Future of Retail Look Like?

Today our host Ashley Alderson, CEO of the Boutique Hub, discusses What Will the Future of Retail Look Like? She addresses a very controversial topic being discussed in the retail industry right now, whether or not boutiques should unveil all the brands they are selling. She shares the feedback she received from those within the industry. This is a crucial conversation for both boutiques and brands, so tune in now to get all the details!

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>> EPISODE 328 – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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Main Points in What Will the Future of Retail Look Like?

  1. If you choose to push brands, be committed to building your own brand first. 
  2. Know your product assortment. Don’t just buy what’s cute, figure out what’s selling and why.
  3. Always remember the golden rule, treat others how you want to be treated. Brands and boutique owners need to form partnerships where both parties can thrive. 
What Will the Future of Retail Look Like? | Boutique Chat Podcast

Favorite Quotes in Tips to Boost Sales During Summer Slowdowns

“There is not a one size fits all model that fits our industry anymore when it comes to retail.” -Ashley

“Your success is dependent on your ability to adapt and be creative.” -Ashley

“Opportunities are endless if we choose to see them that way.” -Ashley”Are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose?” -Ashley Alderson

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Original Air Date: August 24th, 2021
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