Why Your Social Media is Being Ignored

Why Your Social Media Is Being Ignored

6 Tips To Improve Your Digital Sales Strategy

I originally gave this talk in Las Vegas at the breakfast at WWIN about why your social media is not engaging. I know that this topic, and how to get everything all scheduled without pulling your freaking hair out are two HUGE stressors for most of you.

So let’s start here.

In order to keep your social media from being ignored, you must understand how to make the algorithm work for you, using the Content Recipe to build relationships, your role as a Style Educator, and the Content Sanity Method.

Why Your Social Media is Being Ignored by Ashley Alderson

1. Know The Algorithm‘s Purpose

What Does The Algorithm Want?

The algorithm wants to connect people (users) to content that it thinks they will like. Meaning more time spent on the site (FB, IG, PIN) and more ads they can show you to make money.

How does it know this?

By stopping your scroll as a user or by you clicking on any part of the post. Points for comments and shares. Also – how fast the posts get engagement and how many post engagements.

The more a post has, the more it circulates and the next time a user is on – it will show YOUR content first since you last engaged.

If users stop engaging, they stop seeing your posts.

OK great, what does that mean?

It means that before you post some crap — think about WHY YOU ARE POSTING THIS! What is the action you want the user to take? Then, ask them.

“Here is the Dolly Parton Pink Sweater” (insert pic)

scroll…no one cares.

“Any Dolly Parton fans in the house? Name your favorite song below! Here’s the Dolly Pink Sweater in our back to school collection, grab one or add it to your later wishlist here: {insert direct URL link} and {pic} Who loves it?

If you want engagement…ask for it!!

Then, ask your team and your friends and your crazy aunt Bertha to engage too!

Run weekly giveaways for Engagement, YES — a $15 gift card goes a LONG DANG WAY!

The more you can get specific about how your posts will build engagement, the more your engagement will naturally build.

2. Selling Is NOT Serving

The sole purpose of your content is not selling but serving your customer. You should use your social media content to develop real, authentic relationships.

The Content Recipe – 3 Social Media Types

Branded Content

Branded content builds a relationship, shows who you are behind the scenes, and creates community.

BEST SOCIALS: Groups, Stories, IGTV FB Page & IG are also good, but limit them.

POST IDEAS: Video of any kind, live updates & sales, behind the scenes daily, sneak peeks, fashion tips, photos inside the store or your windows, your own OOTD, Model intro’s and picks, be the buyer, contests, personal stories, personal introductions

Sales Content

Sales content is your ASK. It sells a product and shares a promo.


POST IDEAS: Single Image Items with a link, comment to purchase, recap posts, live sales, new arrival previews, sale flyers, events, and purge posts

Relational/Engaging Content

Engaging contents creates clicks, drives engagement, builds conversation & builds a relationship.

POST IDEAS: Quotes, Pop Culture, Questions, Games, Polls, Contests, Conversation Starters! BEST SOCIALS: FB Group Stories IGTV

Bonus Content: Giveaways

Giveaways build reach, engagement, and creates a retargeting list.


POST IDEAS: List Building, Engagement, Growth Giveaways

Each of these post types has a very specific use. If you just sold all day long – buy this, buy this, product, product product….you’re going to lose everyone!

Mix up your content to actually build a relationship with your audience!

Stories, questions, recipes, meme’s, educational videos, live sales, fit videos….mix those puppies up! And have specific engagement based CTA’s in each type!!

3. Become A Style Educator

As boutique owners, it is your job to help your customers understand your products. Therefore, it is important to look at yourself as a Style Educator. This is where merchandising, display, and social media content can instruct your customers about how to wear your products.


  • Having an eye for fashion?
  • Making people smile?
  • Helping style outfits together?
  • How to dress a body type?

Use your gifts to show your customers the value of your brand. Give them what the big-box stores can’t…a relationship!

4. Be You-Nique

How many “affordable and stylish” boutiques are there? If you want to stand out in a crowded market, you need to be “You-Nique”. To set yourself apart you need to understand who your target customer is and develop your niche. When was the last time you sent a survey to your customers? It is easy to assume what your customers want. It might be different than what you think. When you target everyone, you reach no one.

5. Create Content Sanity

Have you heard of the 7X rule in marketing? Before a customer takes action they need to see it 7X. That in itself seems daunting. But the key is to create one piece of content and use it in seven different ways. Our team meets every Monday to plan our content for the week. We use Planoly for Instagram, we schedule natively to Facebook, we use ActiveCampaign for email marketing and Tailwind for Pinterest. Batch create your social media at one time and use it across:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Stories
  • E-Mail
  • Text
  • Pinterest
  • Push Notifications
  • Facebook Messenger

6 Essential Pieces of Content

  1. Live videos (2-7 per week)
  2. Try on videos (6-8 per week)
  3. New arrivals + aged photos (30 images per week)
  4. Quotes (4 per week)
  5. Personal Stories (3 per week)
  6. The theme for Collections for the week

The Boutique Hub offers a Content Sanity Masterclass and it contains the following:

  • 5 Modules
  • Complete plug and play workbook
  • Checklists by social channel + content type
  • Content Strategy + tips
  • Monthly Marketing Ideas Cheatsheets

Are you tired of posting across all of your social media channels weekly, but wondering what really works? Or spending hours and dollars perfecting your photoshoots for a good Instagram post, but only using it once and feeling it go to waste? The Content Sanity Masterclass was born out of our very own frustration of creating new content, photos and sharing information in ours, and our client’s businesses weekly, but not really maximizing the same pieces to get their full reach and engagement value.

So we created a system to maximize the type of content created weekly, only 6 essential pieces, and the strategy in how and where to use these key pieces to get the MOST reach, engagement and value out of them, so you can get back to RUNNING your business, and not being a slave to social media.

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