Today Dan Holman, founder of the Wealthy Retailer, joins us for how to Save Your Retail Business From Extinction. Dan has 25 years of experience in the retail and service industries and is here today to share his wealth of knowledge in these areas. The retail business as a whole is shifting, and the most important thing to remember is adaptation prevents extinction. He goes over actions you can take in your business that will...

Amanda Christopherson, Owner of Beautique, and Somer Pickard, Owner of Sparkle and Sass, join us for today’s episode “Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Starting a Boutique.” These two boutique besties from South Dakota tell us about the ups and downs of owning a small business and why bigger isn't always better. Better or smarter is better coming from two Boutique Awards Winners.

Today's show is a true representation of individuals who prove success isn't defined by being the largest businesses in the game and how there's no one correct business model out there. Somer, a two-time Children's Boutique Of The Year Winner in South Dakota, and Amanda, a two-time Storefront Boutique Of the Year and top 5 GLOBAL Winner from South Dakota talk openly about knowing your why, your customer and the business you'd like to build.

Tune in for this candid conversation that's filled with some phenomenal tips every small business owner needs to hear!

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Main Points:

  1. Growth doesn't happen overnight, it’s all about growing at the pace you and your business can handle. 
  2. Mistakes will make you more successful.
  3. Success isn't defined by size.

Favorite Quotes:

“If you want to be successful you have to fail…..How are you going to learn to be better if you never mess up?” - Amanda

“We won Children’s Boutique of the year 2 years in a row and this year was runner up for overall boutique. Even though we have 5600 Facebook followers it depends on how we make people feel to want to vote for us.” -Somer

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Original Air Date: Marth 17th, 2020
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