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Episode #233 Collaborating with an Influencer with Shaley Ham, Creator of West Desperado

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Shaley Ham joins us for today’s episode, Collaborating with an Influencer. Shaley starts by giving us background on how she grew to become an Instagram influencer. She gives us some extensive and valuable knowledge on the correct ways to work closely with an influencer and LOTS of tips and tricks to help grow your following and engagement on Instagram. You can never learn too much about the world of influencing and Instagram, so grab your notebook and let’s get started!

Key Points:

Episode #233 Collaborating with an Influencer with Shaley Ham, Creator of West Desperado
  1. Get everything in writing. It’s not that there’s no trust, you are still running a business. 
  2. Interact with your Instagram followers. This doesn’t mean just liking, it means answering questions or responding back. 
  3. Be authentic and give your followers value in what you are posting about.

Favorite Quotes by Shaley Ham:

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DO YOU USE OTHER APPS TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS BE SUCCESSFUL? Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about different content related apps I use to help support my business plan! I wanted to publicly share a few of my go-to, must have apps that I use almost daily that help me keep my social media business organized: . 1) UNUM UNUM is a scheduling app that allows you to load your current Instagram grid, then add photos you haven’t posted yet, move them around to see which photos look best next to each other, and also gives you great page insights, like peak performing times for your page! I also use it to keep track of which outfits I haven’t posted yet, and know that it’s on my to-post list! While you can actually schedule the app to post photos for you, I choose not to use that feature, because I want to make sure I am present for you all when delivering content! 2) InShot This is the app that I use to make videos I post on my stories! I film videos on my normal iPhone camera, then I can upload them to InShot and trim, speed up, and put music or text overlays on the videos! I tried a bunch of video editing apps before I found this one, and it’s definitely the most user friendly! 3) Lightroom & Tezza apps These two are a tie for me! Now I don’t typically edit my own photos, thanks to the amazing photographers I work with who do all the heavy work, but when I do, or want to spruce up a story photo, I choose to edit them in Lightroom using @tyfrenchpresets This app takes a bit of learning to get used to, but there are lots of YouTube videos out there to help get you started! The @tezzaapp has a few, but it allows you to filter videos and photos in one click to make a cohesive feed! . What other apps can y’all not live without?? . Holding onto fall with these boho vibes from @functionandfringe 🙌🏼 these are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn, and this sweater is perfect for either curling up on the couch or heading to town to run errands😍 . 📸 @madisonemilyharephoto

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“Doing a contract doesn’t mean someone doesn’t trust you, but everyone’s in a business agreement here. It’s just making sure you’re getting what you pay for.. And that’s all going to be worth it.” -Shaley

“When the conversation is very open, then those are always going to turn out the best it is a business agreement but don’t be afraid to be a friend to someone also.” -Shaley

“As long as you are giving value, as in educating, entertaining, or inspiring value in some form or another, in your Instagram stories there’s not really a limit to how much you post.” -Shaley

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Original Air Date: November 14th, 2019
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