Episode #211: Starting a Wholesale Business as Your True, Authentic Self with Megan DiVincenzo founder of The Sis Kiss

Megan DiVincenzo, the founder of Sis Kiss and a former defense attorney, explains how her business began by finding a problem in a product and solving it. From there, her business grew from word of mouth to a booming online wholesale business. From maximizing influencer relationships, to balancing both retail and wholesale growth, Megan gives us real talk and a true example of who an authentic business women is.

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“Your kids should see you happy, and doing what fulfills you.”- Megan

“What’s the point of me doing this if I can’t be who I am.”- Megan

“START. Stop getting in your own head and just do it!”- Megan


  1. Social media and the use of influences can be a game changer for business.
  2. There’s no better way to run a business than to do it as your true, authentic self.
  3. When problems arise, you keep going. It’s all about repetition, sticking it out and learning as you go.

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Original Air Date: May 7, 2019
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