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Planning Ahead for 2024 with the Boutique Boss Planner

We can all feel like a hamster on a wheel at times, and as we enter the fourth quarter, it’s not only important to be ready for the busy holiday season but also take time to plan ahead for 2024 so that you can start the new year off strong — assessing business practices, refining operations and implementing new strategies to help scale and grow your business.

I am constantly driving home strategies like the four-part to-do list and time blocking that help me and my team stay organized (and sane!), but one of the best tools we have to offer is the Boutique Boss Planner, which we at The Hub created specifically to set you as a boutique owner up for success.

Every year, we look back at our planner from the year before and ask ourselves, how can we make it better? We also ask for feedback and input from Hub members and get the boutique owners on our team involved in the design process. It truly is the only planner built for boutique owners by boutique owners. And the 2024 Boutique Boss Planner is better than ever!

I am so excited to finally get to show off the 2024 Planner and tell you all about what’s included. The biggest update: we incorporated the content creator, so now you can map out every aspect of your business in one place. This planner has strategies to help optimize your business, buying guides, social media and marketing ideas, checklists galore and all of the tracking tools you’ll need for buying, inventory, and content. It’s truly an essential for small business owners.

The 2024 Boutique Boss Planner is on sale now! To learn more and order yours today CLICK HERE.

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What You’ll Learn About in Planning Ahead for 2024

  • What’s new in the 2024 Boutique Boss Planner
  • Our planning and design process
  • Integration of the Content Creator
  • Inventory tracking tools, buying guides, checklists and more
  • Strategies for putting your planner to use and organizing your business

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Original Air Date: October 10, 2023
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