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The Power of Pinterest Marketing

The Power of Pinterest Marketing

There is one social media network that often gets overlooked as a powerful marketing tool for businesses: Pinterest. Pinterest can become a huge source of traffic for your business when it comes to reaching women who are interested in fashion, as well as building long-term SEO credit. To help us dive deep on this topic is Kate Ahl, the owner of Simple Pin Media, who will be sharing her sound advice for getting started and growing your business one pin at a time.

Listen in as we discuss why Pinterest is more unique than other social platforms and how this can work in your favor when growing your audience. You will learn what metrics you should be looking at on Pinterest, how to repurpose video content across all platforms, whether it’s beneficial to pin other people’s pins, and more.

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What You’ll Learn In The Power of Pinterest Marketing

  • How Pinterest is different from other social platforms.
  • Why Pinterest is a long-term game.
  • What idea pins are and how these are beneficial.
  • What metrics you should be looking at on Pinterest.
  • What to look forward to with Pinterest.
  • The importance of using appropriate keywords.
  • How to maximize video on Pinterest.
The Power of Pinterest Marketing

Favorite Quotes

“Pinterest is the introvert’s platform.” – Kate Ahl [2:38]

“We know that Pinterest users buy a lot of stuff, so we need to make it easier for them to buy.” – Kate Ahl [7:55]

“The first pin holds the most power.” – Kate Ahl [20:30]


Kate Ahl: Website | Instagram

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Original Air Date: January 11th, 2022
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