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Tips From a Successful Boutique Owner

Tips From a Successful Boutique Owner

Today on the #BoutiqueChat Podcast Alison Grooms, Owner of Jules & James Boutique, joins us for Tips From a Successful Boutique Owner. Alison goes over everything and anything you can think of when it comes to owning a boutique. You’ll hear her go over lives sales, vendor tips, hiring employees, and what it’s like being a mom while running a business. But that’ not all, tune in to get all the details on this candid conversation, filled with essential boutique owner tips!

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Key Points:

  1. Build a relationship with your vendors. 
  2. The individuals in your team can make a business sink or swim. Always take your time when hiring. 
  3. Do your research. Learn something new every day.

Favorite Quotes

“Be slow to hire and quick to fire. If I would’ve known that from the beginning it would have saved me a lot of headache and heartache.”-Alison

“I don’t micro-manage and I let them lead their teams.” -Alison

“Don’t compare but be inspired.”-Alison

“It’s not about the clothes the women wear, it’s about the women wearing the clothes.”-Alison

Where to find Alison:

Instagram: @julesandjamesboutique & alison_grooms

Website: https://julesandjamesboutique.com/


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Original Air Date: November 17th, 2020
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