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10th Anniversary Series Premiere: 10 Lessons Learned Throughout 10 Years with Ashley Alderson

We’re kicking off The Boutique Hub’s 10th Anniversary Series on the Boutique Chat podcast this week!

We at The Hub are celebrating our 10th anniversary all month long and as part of the celebrations, I’m bringing you a series of 10 Boutique Chat episodes featuring boutique owners who’ve also been in business now for 10 years. These industry veterans are joining me for the 10th Anniversary Series to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of retail. They share their success stories, the hurdles they’ve faced, and offer tips, practices and advice that you can apply to your own businesses.

So, to kick things off, I’m likewise sharing The Boutique Hub’s story and the 10 biggest lessons I’ve learned throughout our 10 years in business. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful takeaways from our big wins as well as the honest mistakes I’ve made along the way!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of this community and being a part of these last 10 years. To show you how grateful we are, The Hub is doing a HUGE ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY on social media, so please head to Facebook and Instagram to enter! You could win a $1,000 shopping spree on Hubventory, a lifetime membership to The Boutique Hub, a VIP experience at the Boutique Summit, a VIP Retail Bootcamp package, a Boutique Boss Planner package and many, many more prizes.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

>>10 Lessons Learned Throughout 10 Years – LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>10 Lessons Learned Throughout 10 Years– LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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Watch the episode on YouTube:

10 Lessons Learned Throughout 10 Years

  • The Boutique Hub’s 10th Anniversary Series kickoff
  • 10th Anniversary Giveaway Announcement
  • The Boutique Hub origin and mission
  • Leaning into struggle and getting creative to overcome challenges
  • 10 Biggest Lessons CEO & Founder Ashley Alderson has learned throughout 10 years in business
  • Leaning into struggle
  • Brand and team building
  • The importance of community

Favorite Quotes from Ashley Alderson

“It’s ok to be challenged, because when we’re challenged in business, it makes us think outside of the box. … a lot of times we can come up with solutions and outcomes that are so much more creative and so much more successful long term once we lean into them and face the discomfort of having to change.” – Ashley Alderson [9:53]

“We can become the victim of any situation or we can become the victor of any situation.” – Ashley Alderson [10:42]

“Sometimes in order to really build community, you can not be fluffy. You can not be bubble gum pink. … Sometimes it’s worth it to alienate the people who are not your customers to build a deeper relationship with those who are your customers.” – Ashley Alderson [12:58]

“Build the brand, be the face of your brand, but bring in supporting voices in your brand because that is what will make you scaleable long term and allow you to take a break and have a life.” – Ashley Alderson [18:00]

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Original Air Date: July 12th, 2023
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