Creating a Customer Loyalty Program

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Creating a Customer Loyalty Program

Today Elizabeth Presher, Founder of Grit and Grace Digital Marketing, joins us for Creating a Customer Loyalty Program. Beth was a former boutique owner and then evolved into the owner of a digital marketing company. She’s here to share all her knowledge on how you can create a customer loyalty program that actually works! She also goes over Facebook messenger automation, retention strategy, and the common mistakes boutique owners make when starting their loyalty programs. Tune in to get all the details!

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  1. Retention is so important. Focus on keeping your current customers!
  2. Look for ways to nurture your relationship with customers. What can you do to keep them coming back?
  3. Automation messages are a must. They can still have that personal touch. Keyword tagging can make this possible!


“It’s much more expensive to get new customers then it is to keep your current customers.” -Elizabeth

“If we can increase our retention rate by just 5% we can increase our bottom line anywhere up to 95%.” -Elizabeth

“In a study, 95% of loyalty program members want to engage with their brand’s programs through new and emerging technologies.” -Elizabeth

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Original Air Date: June 2nd , 2020
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