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Fourth Quarter Planning and Our Fourth Annual Pink Friday

This week I want to talk not only about fourth quarter goals and planning but also our fourth annual Pink Friday!

Pink Friday is a day in November to celebrate small businesses — what it means to be a small business owner, shopping small first, and community over competition.

Since founding Pink Friday, we’ve seen small businesses around the world recognize this special day. Last year 38 boutiques in New Orleans alone teamed up to participate.

So, today I am sharing everything you need to know about Pink Friday, how to get involved and where to find more information. I want to encourage you to participate and share your story, as well as team up with other small business owners in your community and make the most of this event.

Check the link in our show notes for everything you need to know and be sure to join the email list for tools including a full media kit with press release templates, marketing materials, tip sheets and event planning checklists.

I’m also including a link for our Holiday Marketing Masterclass, a training session to help you plan a successful fourth quarter. In the Holiday Marketing Masterclass, we cover all the bases and help you get a jump start on fourth quarter collections, funnels, ads and promotions so that you can be present for and enjoy the holiday season.

I want you to have more profit, more peace and an amazing Pink Friday!

Resources Featured In This Episode:

>>Fourth Quarter Planning and Our Fourth Annual Pink Friday – LISTEN NOW ON iTunes <<
>>Fourth Quarter Planning and Our Fourth Annual Pink Friday – LISTEN NOW ON Spotify <<
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Original Air Date: August 8th, 2023
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