Thanksgiving Weekend Marketing Playbook

Thanksgiving Weekend Boutique Marketing Playbook

Our Thanksgiving weekend marketing playbook will assure you are prepared ahead of time! After you’ve taken the time to craft great offers, a few simple Facebook posts after Thanksgiving dinner aren’t going to reach your shoppers in time to reel them in! They will already have made up their mind where they want to shop!  Use the Thanksgiving Weekend Boutique Marketing Playbook to reach your shoppers.

Thanksgiving Weekend Marketing Playbook: 3 Week Plan to Conquer Black Friday Weekend for Boutiques

Let’s talk about laying out a plan so you can swiftly roll out your holiday shopping opportunities with little effort spending time on what’s important – your customers!

Let’s start working backward, 3 weeks prior to Thanksgiving!

Week 1

1. Craft your Offers.
If you read our guide to crafting offers your customers will love, you’re all set!  You’ve determined your goals, thought about what your customers need and expect, and you have some great ways to attract them to your store or onto your website! If you have a particular item or items to feature, consider how to build hype and perceived need for that item in your shoppers’ minds!

2. Time to think about your financials.
What are your financial goals? Daily sales goals? Maintained Margin goals?  What kind of traffic will you need to achieve them?  Get serious about strategy, how and where you will be promoting.

3. Get Personal.
Pick a graphic to illustrate with your shoppers that you have big plans for the holiday weekend and get them excited!  Ask them what their plans are, what they are looking forward to, and what they are excited to shop for!

Besides a great offer, give them a reason to choose you over Target!  Can they connect with you, relate to you, aspire to be like you?  The more shoppers can make an emotional connection to you, the more likely they will come back again and again.

Week 2

1.  Create your Graphics.
Start creating unique and eye-catching graphics for your marketing plan, we LOVE using for this.  Knowing what inventory or gifts with purchase you are going to feature is important here so you can incorporate these you’re your collection.  Get this done ahead of time so it’s not the last minute scramble.

2. Share a Sneak Peek of your Offers. 
Give shoppers a small taste of what’s to come. Run a contest for an early offer or post a redeemable Facebook offer. Get them signed up on your email list so you have their contact information long into the future.  Consider your email to be a funnel. Get them excited, on your list and ready for go-time.

Week 3 – GO TIME

1. Share your Offer.  There are many ways to do it on each social media channel, just make sure it’s easy to understand and follow, and your users can interact with your post. Remember, it takes the average person 7 interactions before they take your desired action. So….Instagram, Stories, Pinterest, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Snapchat, Email, Postcard, Texts, you name it.  Pick your place and get busy.

2. Share your Offer Again- enough said.
It’s time to be consistent, follow up and share it again.

3. Enjoy the BIG DAYS & Build Crowds.
Don’t forget, this is fun. Create a personal connection with as many shoppers as you can. Remember, this is a ‘testing grounds’ where many shoppers will test out new stores for the first time. Will you be happy with a one time sale, or will you be focused on building a relationship, an experience and the Lifetime Value of your Customers?   Snap it, Tweet it, share it on Insta Stories – enjoy the crazy!

Week 4 – The aftermath

1. Thank your Customers.
Sure, Black Friday weekend might be over, but the season is not! Let your customers know you want their business all year long, not just when there is a deal to be had!  Send an e-news campaign out following Cyber Monday thanking them for their business and reiterating what supporting a small business really means!

The art of the deal is the art of the follow-up. Make sure your customers feel special and valued. Bring them back for one more last minute Holiday purchase by asking them what else is still on their list, and creating gift guides and collections to spark ideas and produce secondary sales!

Planning it all…

Are you Type A and need help organizing all of your thoughts? We hear ya! Grab a 2022 #BoutiqueBoss Planner and use different colored pens, markers, or crayons to organize each of your communication channels separately.

Make a plan for each social media channel three weeks ahead of Thanksgiving weekend. Decide what you will post each day. Remember that not all of your followers will see each post, so don’t worry about some repetition.  Next, plan your e-news, your in-store signage changes and each scheduled ad or promotion that has been placed.  Automate where you can and highlight what will need your attention each day so it’s quick to accomplish.

NOW…are you ready to crush goals this year?  We’ve got a few more ideas, 5 to be exact that you might like, for Holiday Marketing Success

We hope you liked our Thanksgiving weekend marketing playbook.

Peace, Joy and #BoutiqueLove,
The Boutique Hub Team

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