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TikTok Holiday Marketing Guide

It’s no secret that TikTok has become a main marketing channel for so many small businesses, and the holidays are no exception to this success. Taking over the social media and marketing game, TikTok is a must in your content marketing plan this holiday season.

Let’s get into the logistics and leverage of holiday marketing on TikTok! 

The Opportunities 

Tik Tok Holiday Marketing has some huge opportunities. According to TikTok For Business, 39% of users reported finding a brand on TikTok that they didn’t know about, 47% of users say TikTok inspires gift ideas, and a whopping 77% of users have bought something that they saw on TikTok. And those are just general stats! 

Get ready Boutique Bosses, Holiday stats get even better! Users are highly engaged throughout the Holiday season, and they are ready to shop. TikTok for business reports that 84% of users plan to shop online this year and 2 out of 3 users plan to spend an average of $200 or more on gifts this year, a 9% increase from last year

So what does this mean for small business owners and boutique bosses? There are big selling opportunities on TikTok year-round, but especially during Holidays!

TikTok Holiday Marketing
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Plan to have a content plan for all of the main dates this year: 

Nov. 19th: Holiday Shopping Season Begins (and PINK FRIDAY!)

Nov 26: Black Friday

Nov 27: Small Business Saturday

Nov 29: Cyber Monday

Dec 26 – 31: Postseason sales and gift card shopping

Jan 1 – 30: New Years sales and resolutions

Don’t forget the niche holidays! Celebrating niche holidays is a great opportunity for your brand to stand out, with 70% of users noticing brands who celebrate niche holidays. 

Oct 31: Halloween

Nov 1-2: Dia De Los Muertos 

Nov 4: Diwali

Nov 30: Giving Tuesday 

Nov 28  – Dec 6: Hanukkah 

Dec 23: Festivus 

Dec 25: Christmas

Dec 26 – Jan 1: Kwanzaa 


Thanks to the new Shopify and TikTok partnership, you can easily sell your products on TikTok and users can shop directly through the app. This is a big win for small businesses and boutiques everywhere! 

This new integration allows Shopify merchants with a TikTok Business account to add a shopping tab to their profile. From there, you can easily sync your product catalog to the app. Sellers will be able to tag products within videos, allowing users to quick-shop directly from their feed.

This feature is currently available in the US and UK and has plans of becoming available in Canada within the upcoming weeks. 

TikTok hopes to attract new users with this feature, while small business owners are using this to attract new customers. With this feature rolling out just in time for holiday marketing, you’ll want to integrate this ASAP! 

Tik Tok Holiday Marketing

Holiday Hashtags 

If you know anything about Social Media Marketing, you know that hashtags are an easy way to get discovered, increase brand awareness, and improve engagement. TikTok is no exception to the hashtag rule! Some of the most popular and useful holiday hashtags to use on TikTok this season are: #blackfriday, #itsblackfriday, #gift, #unboxing, #holidayhacks, #christmas, #holidayseason, #christmasshopping, #christmasgift, and #happyholidays. 

Besides general hashtags, it’s always a good idea to create a branded hashtag. If you already have one, make a holiday version! 

Holiday challenges are also a great way to get discovered and go viral. Hop on a new challenge trend or get creative and make your own with a hashtag. 

Plan Ad Campaigns Early! 

Last, but certainly not least, PLAN! Planning ahead not only allows for an organized and optimized content flow but also leaves time and energy to go elsewhere. We know how busy you Boutique Bosses get during the holiday season. Plan your content early on and take one less thing off your plate. 

TikTok For Business shared a timeline for content planning this Holiday season including Fall Shopping and Festivals, Winter Holidays, and New Years Celebrations. 

Fall Shopping and Festivals

Creative Ideation, Content Creation, and Media Planning: Oct 15 – Nov 4 

Uploading and Activating Campaigns: Nov 4 – Nov 11

Winter Holidays

Creative Ideation, Content Creation, and Media Planning: Nov 20 – Dec 10 

Uploading and Activating Campaigns: Dec 11 – Dec 17

New Years Celebrations

Creative Ideation, Content Creation, and Media Planning: Nov 26 – Dec 16

Uploading and Activating Campaigns: Dec 23 

Crush your 4th quarter goals and make this year your most profitable holiday season yet with help from our Holiday Marketing Masterclass. From content planning, eCommerce, and events to profitable promotions, team training, and traffic….this is the most sought-after Holiday training program online. And it’ll impact your business all year long! What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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