6 Tips To Improve Your Digital Sales Strategy

I originally gave this talk in Las Vegas at the breakfast at WWIN about why your social media is not engaging. I know that this topic, and how to get everything all scheduled without pulling your freaking hair out are two HUGE stressors for most of you.

So let's start here.

In order to keep your social media from being ignored, you must understand how to make the algorithm work for you, using the Content Recipe to build relationships, your role as a Style Educator, and the Content Sanity Method.

Guest Blog Post by Vajro Boutiques are wonderful places to shop for the most interesting things that aren’t run of the mill. And you can be certain that you won’t find 10 other people wearing the same thing you picked up from a boutique! But do people, and women in particular, have that kind of time nowadays to leisurely shop? No, they don’t! And that’s why online shopping is a booming industry now. Here are the...

You don’t own your Facebook page, Instagram, or Snapchat. So what will you do the next time an algorithm takes a nosedive?  How will you reach your customers? That’s where your own list comes in, your email list, and in today’s world of marketing to overfull inboxes, a new list. Text Message Lists. With 98% of text messages read in the first 5 minutes, it’s time to re-think your marketing strategy. Get ready to take notes on strategy you can use NOW in your business.