Today Julie Tassy, Founder of Ella B Candles, joins us for today's podcast episode The Power of Scent. Julie goes over how she started her entrepreneurial journey and how she set her company apart from others. In retail, many factors can influence consumer buying habits and scent is one of them. Julie goes over the power fragrance can have on your business and how you can discover a signature scent for your store. Tune in...

We are about to hit prime time in the E-commerce industry. As we all know, Q4 is the most important sales quarter of the year… Are you ready to finish 2019 strong? Hello Bar is offering a free webinar training with The Boutique Hub this Thursday, Nov. 21 at 10am PST! Join us as we cover the 3 Crucial Steps that will Increase E-Commerce Sales by 26% (without spending a dime on ads!)

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If you’re working in retail marketing, it’s very easy to get swept up in a sea of omnichannel beacons, experiential stores and the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in stores like Amazon Go. 

While the future is exciting, retailers also need to focus on what they can do now with the tools they have. 

Let’s talk about point of sale (POS) marketing. It’s at the center of any retailer’s transactions and, when leveraged, can be high-value in-store promotional real estate to drive more sales pre-checkout.

Erica Kelley, Founder of Whiskey Darling Boutique, joins us for today's episode Marketing to Your Audience On a Personal Level. Erica’s mission is empowering women of every shape and size to be themselves and knowing they can feel confident in her boutique’s clothing. Erica covers other topics such as marketing to a large age range, photo editing, and facebook ads. ...