The countdown to Christmas has begun and Black Friday will be here before you know it. Are you ready #BoutiqueBoss?!? We’ve got 5 critical tips for your holiday sales to help you make it your best year yet!

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6 Tips To Improve Your Digital Sales Strategy

I originally gave this talk in Las Vegas at the breakfast at WWIN about why your social media is not engaging. I know that this topic, and how to get everything all scheduled without pulling your freaking hair out are two HUGE stressors for most of you.

So let's start here.

In order to keep your social media from being ignored, you must understand how to make the algorithm work for you, using the Content Recipe to build relationships, your role as a Style Educator, and the Content Sanity Method.

Why You Should STOP Putting All of Your Marketing Eggs in One Basket. The Boutique Marketing Strategy Guide. Presented by The Boutique Hub. Where were you on March 13th, 2019? The corner café, maybe the park or were you in a complete panic behind your desk endlessly refreshing Instagram waiting for it to pop back up so you could reach your customers to share those cute new arrivals? Just like a flip of...