Question: What are the best days of the year for a boutique owner? Answer: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & The Boutique Summit So you’re probably wondering when The Boutique Summit 2020 is, right?? DRUM ROLL…… Are you doing a happy dance with us?? If you joined us in Atlanta last year, you’ll know we had a BLAST with a private tradeshow, phenomenal speakers, tons of photo ops, and many new boutique bestie friendships. If you weren’t able to join us,...

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Episode #232: with Randa Carrabba, Entrepreneur, will show you all the possibilities and opportunities in life after your boutique.

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like AFTER your boutique? Today, on Episode #232 Life After Your Boutique, we chat with entrepreneur Randa Carrabba, Founder of Southern Jewlz, PowHer.Fit, and her own label -- about how life can evolve from your boutique! Randa’s journey began with making jewelry in college and from there it grew into a widely successful clothing boutique. She shows us that evolving as a person and a business owner is OK, it may be scary but you’ll never look back with regret. Randa is a woman who wears many hats but does it all with so much grace, you can’t miss this inspiring episode!

Key Points:

1. Treat everyone the same no matter where you are at in your journey, relationships are some of the most important things you can have. 

2. Bigger is not always better. Women want to be heard and feel like they a part of something. 

3. Take time for yourself. Self-care needs to be one of the most important elements of your day.

Favorite Quotes:

“Whether you are making 500K a year or 50m a year, people want to be treated the same, building relationships and that trust are things that aren’t new to the industry but are going to being even more demanded.” -Randa 

Truth Bomb: “You don’t have time, but how much time do you spend scrolling and comparing yourself to someone else online.” -Randa 

Not everyone is going to love you because most people don’t even love themselves.” -Randa

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